Welcome to True Knights Blog

Welcome to True Knights Blog, again. Yes we did some changes after vanishing for a while, but we’re coming back stronger than ever; and we means you, by the way, so as of this moment you are obligated to drop by in the comments now and then. What do you need to know about this blog? Well, it’s the best place on the internet to get updates on me and my projects. More to the point, it’s the only place to do so. Luckily I’m a relatively interesting person, so you won’t be bored to death. That is assuming I remember to post.

Ahem… Anyway the name of the blog is a reference to one of my older fantasy novels — Dawn of the Knight if you’re interested, but please read it with the care and respect of an archeologist unearthing some ancient mummy’s manuscript, since it was written a very long time ago (and I’m not that old). As for my projects, that could vary from time to time. Currently that involves writing, publishing, drawing, and crafting (beaded jewelry, for the record), but the list could grow.

Finally, I’m not a self-centered person so I want to hear your thoughts and what projects you have going on, so long as they have SOMETHING to do with what I’m saying (I’m not self-centered but I’m also not totally selfless). So I hope to see you around, and I hope you’ll see me around.

– Steven


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