You Must Judge A Book By Its Cover

My other book, Tale of Signum, is close to being published. I’m pretty excited about that because it’s a really good story with all original races (which means no elves or dragons, sadly), and even though I wrote it close to seven years ago it’s undergone a LOT of hard work and revision, so I think it will keep a lot of fantasy-lovers entertained.

But, uh. Then we come to the sticky little issue of judging a book by its cover. To be honest, I grew up being told not to judge a book by its cover so much that I tend to ignore covers. Guess what? I’m alone in that boat. Cover art is one of the most important aspects of a book, especially a fantasy book – I just can’t ever decide what I want, and my books end up looking like they dressed in the dark until I finally sort them out. How about you? Do you have book cover blues? Is your cover experience filled with sunshine and rainbows? Let’s hear!


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