The New Nintendo ‘Switch’ And What I Think

So, it has just been announced that Nintendo’s new console is confirmed, and it will be called the Switch. They say it will not be the company’s new flagship system, ie. replacing the Wii U, but come on; it’s going to. They’re putting the newest addition to the Legend of Zelda series on both units, just like they did with Twilight Princess on the GameCube and the Wii, and look which one ended up taking over.


But what is the Switch? Well it’s a home console unit (meaning it hooks up to the TV) which can also be switched into a handheld tablet-like unit. Bad idea. Here’s why; the price tag on this thing is going to be drastically higher than on a 3DS, which they also claim they aren’t replacing but which they will. So we’re supposed to carry around a gaming console which costs a gazillion dollars, and what? If it falls or gets stolen, just buy a new one?

It’s no secret that Nintendo is failing. This is another weird console, which is Nintendo’s way of grabbing attention when sales slow down. They should be doubling down on gameplay, but as long as they waste time and money on things like this they’re not going to get back to the top like they used to be when a console was just that; a console, a controller, and a great game.

What do you think? Do you play games, and what do you think of the Switch? Tell me what you think.

– Steven


2 thoughts on “The New Nintendo ‘Switch’ And What I Think

  1. I think they have made way too many units not to mention no new games just remakes of the older games with no greater game play. Maybe they will make us pay 60 for one way to play and other 60 for s different ending then an additional 20 like they did in fire emblem.

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