Donald Trump Is President – What Now?

I usually do not talk politics on social media or my blog, not because I’m afraid to step on toes, but simply because there’s a time and a place for everything, and for politics those times and places are rare. But in light of the dramatic 2016 election results and the general mood of the country, this is one of those times.

I said so before election day; you will get sick of the winner’s personality very quickly. What matters is the policies they stand for. Like it or not, Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. In a lot of ways I see him as the GOP version of Barack Obama, in that he’s vastly popular on one side and vastly unpopular on the other. I guess America just likes giving outsiders a chance, since our last three presidents have positioned themselves as the wild cards.

But, as I say, Trump will be the next president. What now? First, both sides might consider acting like they are of voting age. Turn on the news; there are brats taunting other brats throwing tantrums, but then you realize; these are adults. The winners need to stop gloating and the losers need to stop whining.


What next? Donald Trump has to stay true to himself and his word, and enact the policies he said he would. Then we wait and watch. It takes a few years for any law to take effect. Will it help the country? We’ll see, but the end result will be a lot easier for both sides to bear if they take the advice above.

And finally? I think we all need to realize the election is over. It’s sort of like fighting a war of ideals; the fight is over now, but the winners and the losers are still in battle mode. It’s done now. Whether your side won or lost, let’s enjoy 4 years without attack ads or shocking controversies. We have 4 years to enjoy the lack of tax returns and deleted emails and fact-checkers and draining swamps.

Let’s all remember that we are not politicians. We just cast our votes for them. Let’s go back to being just basic boring ordinary people who, for this blog’s readership, tell stories and work hard to sell books.

– Steven


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