All My Shows Died…

All my shows just died. They died hard. I can’t even mourn them because there were too many of them and I wouldn’t have the time to mourn them. Which shows, and how did they die? I’m glad you asked.

Well the first show was Survivor. I was watching that, grudgingly, since the people were about as likeable as a pack of pickpockets and mimes all put together on an island. But the season just ended last Wednesday, on a sad and sour note about Adam’s (the winner) mother dying while he was off playing the game… which he knew would likely happen. Let’s ignore that for a second; I tried extra hard to find people to root for, and they lost.

MacGyver just ended off the season. It was a really good season finale, but it was hyper uncomfortable as they decided to spring the broken family card, and after a handful of episodes of Riley and Jack exchanging one-liners in a playful spirit, she suddenly reveals that she hates him. Oh, and he looks at her as a daughter, and vice versa, which is problematic to me, because I sort of looked at them as a pair…

I guess not…?

And late last night I watched the final episode of Dragon Ball Kai, which was horribly rushed and if I haven’t missed my guess, will be the end of the series, as I don’t think they are going to air the actual final season. I could be wrong though, but I doubt it since they announced Dragon Ball Super, which looks a little weird.

So I guess it happens from time to time, a show just dies on you and you’re left to bury it. Usually you don’t need a mass grave, but, there’s always ‘better luck next time’ to hang on to. How about you? Ever had a show you really like suddenly take a turn for the worst? Let’s hear about it!


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