So, Signum is Revised

After what feels like a lifetime of revision, I am overly happy to announce that Tale of Signum has completed its final steps of publication, at least so far as the manuscript is concerned. Next comes the cover art, which is also almost complete, so we’re getting close to the big day! I will be looking for other authors who would like to help each other advertise books, so if you count in that category either let me know in the comments section below, or tweet me at @Aka_Hinotae on Twitter!


No Key Fantasy Races?

The weirdest thing about my upcoming novel, Tale of Signum, is the core idea I had before writing it, and that was to avoid using any race not created by myself. That can result in some pretty weird creatures, for one example, Bumblers-? When I first wrote the book years ago I really wasn’t sure if it would work, but chapter by chapter I started to realize I had created a very unique world full of some very colorful creatures.

The downside to this of course was, after having written fantasy stories in the past, I was now left high and dry without elves, dwarves, or even ogres, and my style of writing is very classic. That meant I really had my work cut out for me to make a world that functioned at all! Revision is almost complete, then comes publishing; then I hope you’ll check it out and see for yourself!

– Steven