All My Shows Died…

All my shows just died. They died hard. I can’t even mourn them because there were too many of them and I wouldn’t have the time to mourn them. Which shows, and how did they die? I’m glad you asked.

Well the first show was Survivor. I was watching that, grudgingly, since the people were about as likeable as a pack of pickpockets and mimes all put together on an island. But the season just ended last Wednesday, on a sad and sour note about Adam’s (the winner) mother dying while he was off playing the game… which he knew would likely happen. Let’s ignore that for a second; I tried extra hard to find people to root for, and they lost.

MacGyver just ended off the season. It was a really good season finale, but it was hyper uncomfortable as they decided to spring the broken family card, and after a handful of episodes of Riley and Jack exchanging one-liners in a playful spirit, she suddenly reveals that she hates him. Oh, and he looks at her as a daughter, and vice versa, which is problematic to me, because I sort of looked at them as a pair…

I guess not…?

And late last night I watched the final episode of Dragon Ball Kai, which was horribly rushed and if I haven’t missed my guess, will be the end of the series, as I don’t think they are going to air the actual final season. I could be wrong though, but I doubt it since they announced Dragon Ball Super, which looks a little weird.

So I guess it happens from time to time, a show just dies on you and you’re left to bury it. Usually you don’t need a mass grave, but, there’s always ‘better luck next time’ to hang on to. How about you? Ever had a show you really like suddenly take a turn for the worst? Let’s hear about it!


Hiding From Revision

Okay. Over eight years ago I decided to become a writer. I was obviously young and had a lot to learn back then, but I thought writing would be an easy job. Not easy. But I love it, and over the years I’ve gotten to an average of 4,000 words a day if I push it. I can write. I like that part.


What I don’t like is revision. Some of you who have read my articles might know that I don’t cut out entire scenes and quotes just for the sake of slimming down the book, but I do check for errors and where clarification is needed. But I hate revision. It drives me crazy. In fact, I don’t think there’s a strong enough word to tell you how I feel about the jogging-through-wet-tar feeling I get from sitting down to ‘revise’. But you can’t publish a book until you make sure at least most of the errors are weeded out. So, it remains to me one of life’s little evils.

Which I try and hide from every chance I get.

– Steven

Cutting Out Clutter

It really is amazing how much you can get done when you have a clear mind, and, on the other hand, how little you can get done when you have a cluttered mind. I’ve been writing for over eight years now and I’ve rarely been hit by writer’s block. Not that I’m boasting, it’s just a state of mind; I almost never allow myself to say ‘Oh well, writer’s block. Nothing that can be done about it.’ Happy, sad, angry, I’ve always forced myself to get in at least a little writing.

But, sometimes when I’m least expecting it, my mind will become so completely cluttered that I can’t perform everyday activities, let alone get the creative process flowing. I don’t think it’s the same thing as writer’s block because usually that doesn’t affect your daily life. In any case it really is horrible! Luckily there’s a cure; stop, and sort out every little issue that comes to mind, even if that means telling yourself there’s not a thing you can do to fix Problem X and Y. At the end of the day, and with a good night’s sleep, you’ll be feeling better and writing better.

– Steven

Reboot of Macgyver on CBS

Has anyone checked out the new reboot of MacGyver? It just started around a month ago on CBS. To be honest, I don’t usually try out new things. I only just recently saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, just as one example… which by the way was all right but not very Marvel-ish. But that’s aside. MacGyver was on for a few minutes so we decided to check it out, and we ended up recording it.


It really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You kind of come to expect a certain level of blanked out mouths and foul language, but they don’t do a lot of swearing in the show. You also come to expect phony acting, but the characters (most of them) are pretty believable, even given the bizarre circumstances of the story.

Basically, in case you’re as out-dated as me, MacGyver is able to make just about anything out of random items he finds laying around. I highly doubt most of them would work, buuut, that is the magic of fiction. Doesn’t matter if it would work, it’s that it just did work. It makes for good TV, but I have to wonder why they don’t have a ‘Do not try at home’ disclaimer at the bottom.

I never saw the original series, but I’m told there’s a lot more action in this version, which is nice. All in all it’s a pretty good show (though a little intense at times, as a head’s-up), and I’d recommend it to anyone into spy/agent-type series.