The Supposedly Unneeded Great Lines

I was originally going to make a tweet about this when I realized the matter is far too complex to put into 140 characters. As you might know I like to scan through writing hashtags and see what other people are saying, and sometimes add my thoughts, but one of the things I keep seeing is this.

A lot of writers seem to be fixated on the idea of slimming down their books. Which, okay, I can see the general idea behind it. Make it clearer, make it better. But that isn’t always the case, especially when I see writers greatly troubled that they had to destroy so many lines and quotes and etc..


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Reboot of Macgyver on CBS

Has anyone checked out the new reboot of MacGyver? It just started around a month ago on CBS. To be honest, I don’t usually try out new things. I only just recently saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, just as one example… which by the way was all right but not very Marvel-ish. But that’s aside. MacGyver was on for a few minutes so we decided to check it out, and we ended up recording it.


It really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You kind of come to expect a certain level of blanked out mouths and foul language, but they don’t do a lot of swearing in the show. You also come to expect phony acting, but the characters (most of them) are pretty believable, even given the bizarre circumstances of the story.

Basically, in case you’re as out-dated as me, MacGyver is able to make just about anything out of random items he finds laying around. I highly doubt most of them would work, buuut, that is the magic of fiction. Doesn’t matter if it would work, it’s that it just did work. It makes for good TV, but I have to wonder why they don’t have a ‘Do not try at home’ disclaimer at the bottom.

I never saw the original series, but I’m told there’s a lot more action in this version, which is nice. All in all it’s a pretty good show (though a little intense at times, as a head’s-up), and I’d recommend it to anyone into spy/agent-type series.

The New Nintendo ‘Switch’ And What I Think

So, it has just been announced that Nintendo’s new console is confirmed, and it will be called the Switch. They say it will not be the company’s new flagship system, ie. replacing the Wii U, but come on; it’s going to. They’re putting the newest addition to the Legend of Zelda series on both units, just like they did with Twilight Princess on the GameCube and the Wii, and look which one ended up taking over.


But what is the Switch? Well it’s a home console unit (meaning it hooks up to the TV) which can also be switched into a handheld tablet-like unit. Bad idea. Here’s why; the price tag on this thing is going to be drastically higher than on a 3DS, which they also claim they aren’t replacing but which they will. So we’re supposed to carry around a gaming console which costs a gazillion dollars, and what? If it falls or gets stolen, just buy a new one?

It’s no secret that Nintendo is failing. This is another weird console, which is Nintendo’s way of grabbing attention when sales slow down. They should be doubling down on gameplay, but as long as they waste time and money on things like this they’re not going to get back to the top like they used to be when a console was just that; a console, a controller, and a great game.

What do you think? Do you play games, and what do you think of the Switch? Tell me what you think.

– Steven

Misery in Writing-?

First of all, good luck to all of those in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Our prayers go out to you; that looks like a very nasty storm.

Recently I was looking around Twitter and I came across a startling number of tweets talking about character development, and how you need to make them suffer in order to grow. What’s startling isn’t so much the idea, but the almost bullying way these people try and make their points. It’s like you HAVE to make your characters suffer… or else you’re a baby and you shouldn’t be writing (their words, not mine).

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New Fantasy Art: Tale of Signum Brothers

Hey everyone, just thought I’d show off some new drawings I’ve been working on. I got one of those digital tablets last year, and after a lot of practice I’m finally halfway decent with it. Anyway, here’s my newest work. Velrick (left) is the hero of my upcoming novel, Tale of Signum. The one on the left is his older brother, Valron, who plays an important role in the story, though it isn’t what he expects.


You Must Judge A Book By Its Cover

My other book, Tale of Signum, is close to being published. I’m pretty excited about that because it’s a really good story with all original races (which means no elves or dragons, sadly), and even though I wrote it close to seven years ago it’s undergone a LOT of hard work and revision, so I think it will keep a lot of fantasy-lovers entertained.

But, uh. Then we come to the sticky little issue of judging a book by its cover. To be honest, I grew up being told not to judge a book by its cover so much that I tend to ignore covers. Guess what? I’m alone in that boat. Cover art is one of the most important aspects of a book, especially a fantasy book – I just can’t ever decide what I want, and my books end up looking like they dressed in the dark until I finally sort them out. How about you? Do you have book cover blues? Is your cover experience filled with sunshine and rainbows? Let’s hear!

Those Final Chapters

So I’ve reached the end of yet another book in my Fantasy/Viking/Humor series, Boldin. This would be book 8, and I already have the next one all decided on… so yay! On the other hand, you don’t know about Boldin, and that’s because I haven’t published a single syllable of the series yet. Huh… It’s that age old problem; I’m swamped with other projects. It just so happens I can write this book really fast.

A good part of the reason why is that I get a combination of anxiety and excitement towards the end. I write a chapter and a half a day, and then by the time I’m done I feel like I’ll never write another book again; until a week or so later. So how do you feel when you get to the end of a book, either one you’re writing or reading? Happy? Sad? A little of both? Let’s hear your thoughts.